Mallorca: a safe haven for investment

It’s no longer really necessary to promote Mallorca as a destination. Many people are attracted to this Mediterranean island every year.

The modern, highly-developed infrastructure measures up to both the international standards of European countries and to the standards of major cities. Mallorca is also a dream island for nature lovers.

Over 300 days of sunshine a year, bright blue sky, a rich culture, numerous leisure facilities and a safe environment make Mallorca a secure haven for investment. However, there is a limited supply of plots on the island. The demand for luxury properties is high.

The view of the sea or the mountains and the proximity of one of the varied centres are features in demand for an individual lifestyle.

Norbert Keller knows the island and can give advice and thanks to his experience he has the expertise to advise the most demanding clients on the location and quality of the property and on prices in line with the market.